Foster+Partners to connect North and South Korea

What better way to start the new season than with one of the most visionary architectural firms in sustainable architecture, Foster+Partners.

This time, the Teatro Del Agua creators won an international competition with a startling green master-plan that will, within the next 15 years, connect North and South Korea.

Their proposal? The world's longest bridge!

An extraordinary, mixed use scheme, that will connect the two islands that up till today have no road connections whatsoever.

The entire 115 square mile area will be self sufficient and support a population able to grow sustainably from 35.000 to 320.000 residents and commuters.

Special zoning will be used to encourage green industry (manufacturing photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, new products and technology etc) while the south of the island will be mixed-use, combining community, cultural and residential buildings with green tech industry.

For more on this extraordinary project please visit the
Foster+Partners website.

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