Zira Island - Eco Community in Azerbaijan

Danish architects BIG Architects and Ramboll engineers have designed the masterplan for an incredible eco-community, carbon-neutral resort and residential development on Zira Island in Azerbaijan.
The architectural proposal was inspired by the country’s dramatic natural setting and the main goal was to create an organic skyline that merges buildings with the natural topography of the island.
The 10.8 million square feet eco resort, will be located in the bay of the capital city Baku, only a ferry ride away from a growing metropolis so dependent on oil and will set an example by making effective use of solar heat panels, photovoltaic cells, waste water and rainwater collection, and an offshore wind farm.
According to BIG, the development aims to be “entirely independent of external resources” an ambitious goal that will be achieved through a mix of traditional Azerbaijani building tradition and new technologies.
Developing sustainable communities around the world, like
Masdar and Dongtan, has become the new norm in architectural development and should be continuously encouraged in every way.

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