NL Architects - SOZAWE Sustainable Office Building

We religiously read each post from the EcoFriend, especially the ones from the Eco Architecture segment and this week the following post, really cough our attention. Enjoy!NL Architects has proposed SOZAWE, a sustainable development for Groningen City that will provide office spaces, a large interior public space and ample space to park 215 cars.
The building carries green areas on every level, which apart from beautifying the structure also reduces the heat gain during daytime.The concrete floor of the building will act as a thermal mass to keep the building cool during summer and warm during the cooler winter months.
The fa├žade of the building is designed to maximize natural lighting, which reduces the overall energy consumption of the building.


SOM, Virginia Beach Convention Centre

Boasting more than 500,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space, the award-winning Virginia Beach Convention Center demonstrates SOM’s ability to look beyond an immediate project site in terms of community growth.

Water, wood, and natural light make the new Virginia Beach Convention Center bright and welcoming for all types of visitors. An expansion of the existing Pavilion Convention complex, the new center includes expanded exhibit hall space, pre-function areas, meeting rooms, conference areas, and a 31,000-square-foot ballroom.

A flight of 147 feet of glass and steel tower pays tribute to the historic lighthouse of the town, while small farms sustain energy saving curtain wall of glass that wraps around the entrance.

Design incorporates lighting and HVAC systems programmed to conserve electricity during peak hours, energy efficient windows that limit UV penetration, naturally rot-and insect-resistant Cumaru wood flooring and decks, and effective systems for storm-water retention.

Since its completion, VBCC has become the centerpiece of a 40-year master plan to green Virginia Beach and reinvigorate the classic resort town.


Zaha Hadid, MAXXI Opening, Rome

Hadid adds another gem in Europe, this time in Rome.

The MAXXI, Italy's new national museum of XXI century art, which took 10 years to complete, finally opened its doors to the public recently, although the official opening will take place next Spring.

The 30,000 square meters colossus of glass, steel and concrete will be hosting almost 6,000 square meters of sweeting galleries enclosed by curving windowless cast concrete walls!

And if you are still looking for the wow factor, well turn your head to the sky and you will. The roof is fully glazed, integrating complex light shading devices and artificial lighting systems and a system to control temperature and humidity. Quite complex.

MAXXI is yet another proof of Rome's long standing affection for revolutionary architecture. Bravo, Rome!

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Gazprom Tower Tallest Sustainable Building in Europe

The Gazprom Tower, or the Okhta Tower has been given a green light for construction, upon completion of which it will be the tallest building in Europe.
To be built in St. Petersburg, Russia, the 77-storey tower isn’t just about height, the modern building will also be full of environmentally friendly features.

It will have plenty of natural lighting and ventilation, thermal insulation to protect against the cold and harsh weather of St. Petersburg, and specialized water, heating and ventilation systems to minimize energy needs.
The 400-meter tower will serve as the headquarters of Gazprom’s oil unit OAO Gazprom Neft, and will also include a concert hall, museum, hotel and a business center.

Source: Inhabitat