BIG + Fuglark, Education Centre - Faroe Islands

Designed by Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group and Faroe Islands architects Fuglark, the Faroe Islands Education Centre, situated on a hillside on the outskirts of Torshavn, resembles the radiating structure of a vortex, has a panoramic view overlooking the sea, mountains and harbor and will be the largest educational building project in the country’s history.The stunning, 19,200 sq m Education Centre, will be housing 1,200 students and 300 teachers, combining a secondary school and two colleges in one building.
At the school’s heart is an open rotunda space, creating a natural gathering point across floor levels and academic interests, creating a sense of community for learning and life.
A stepped interior reflects the undulating Faroe landscape with its alternating plateaus, stairwells and terraces serving different social and academic activities.
The generous surroundings provide unique opportunities to shape the school from the inside out ‐ as a functional sculpture formed by the schools internal needs.


Cherokee Lofts, LEED Gold multifamily building, California

The Cherokee Lofts by Pugh + Scarpa Architects is the first LEED Gold-certified mixed-use or market-rate multifamily building in Southern California.
The five-story building features 2800-square-feet retail space on the first floor, and it has 12 lofts located on the second, third and fourth floors. The architects have also designed a green roof, and an underground level of parking. The structure’s exterior features perforated metal construction, which is designed to function as accordion shutters, which can be opened or closed by the residents to create an ever-changing building front and let in natural light for illumination.
The result, a constantly changing building front, providing alternative views inside.
The project pays homage to the musical and hollywood history of cherokee recording studios,
MGM studios before it, and those who recorded music on site from frank sinatra to david bowie
to dave matthews. While its architectural form and integrated function are an expression of the environmental and cultural context in which it is built.


Prada Pop-up Boutique, Paris

Technically the pop-up stores, restaurants, galleries etc phenomenon, aren’t a new concept; but we all have to admit that nowadays the trend seems to be hotter than ever.

And when Prada is involved in a pop-up project, well let’s just say that the result is something to remember. So, harry up because this pop-up beauty will be open till December 31st.

Situated at Place Beauvau 92, the boutique was designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi. Both the Mirabeau Bridge and the Italian luxury firm’s original store in Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II; were the inspirational forces behind this surrealistic, two floor and 570 square meter space.

The bohemian theme carries on throughout, with a Montmartre-inspired, mannequin-lined street scene up the staircase; bronze and glass apothecary cases; lilac velvet furnishings; and an abundance of floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Prada’s love for innovation and rich history perfectly blend together in this one of a kind, pop-up boutique.

One might wonder…. Could this be the era of pop-up Architecture?