Alghadeer Sorouh - Mock Up Villas to Ensure Sustainability

Sorouh Real Estate, a leading real estate developed has announced the completion of the 9th mock up villa at Alghadeer Sorouh. Yes, the 9th mock up villa of what will eventually become a sustainable destination of three million square meters on the borders of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
The first actual residences will be ready in early 2012 but for now Soroud needs to select the building contractor of the project and believe me its not going to be an easy task, hence the mock up villas!
The mock up villas have been built to scale by experts in sustainable architecture. Each is fully fitted out and located to study a whole raft of best practice building initiatives from around the world. A key consideration in the selection processes will be energy saving and insulation techniques which offer environmental and cost saving benefits to occupiers and the entire project, as well as quality, speed and efficiency of construction.
“We believe an investment in alghadeer Sorouh is an investment in a new mode of living for a new breed of commuter. We are working hard on solutions to guarantee the ongoing appeal of the project” said Samer Abu Hijleh, chief operations officer, Sorouh Real Estate. Alghadeer Sorouh will eventually be home to 18,000 residents, who will enjoy access to outstanding facilities including two kindergartens, two primary schools, a private international school, two secondary schools, seven mosques, sports clubs, community centers, retail outlets, numerous restaurants, cafés and cinemas, all surrounded by safe, pedestrian friendly parks, communal areas and under-road walkways.

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