Architectural Branding - The future

Architectural Branding has become the new buzz word of the architectural industry during the last decades and rightfully so, since architecture becomes an expression of the newly developed experiential brands. So, for those of you that never pictured architecture walking hand n hand with marketing… well… think again.Despite our increasingly virtual world, we still need physical buildings to establish personal relationships with brands and architecture plays a vital role in this equation by not only confine customer experience, but also define it.
Architectural branding adds significant value when the building is in line with the other aspects of branding, making the overall effect greater than the sum of its parts.

Architecture—the exterior design of buildings—has to, and can, mirror brand values such as high-tech orientation, openness, competitiveness, sportiness, etc. These are in a way timeless, says Gernot Brauer, editor of Architecture as Brand Communication: Dynaform + Cube.One thing is for sure, the use of architecture to complement brand personality will only become stronger during the following years.

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