Cities and Movies, Vol2: Paris

Paris doesn't suffer from multiple identities like NYC. It has a central theme is love. You can choose any genre of film-making, the moment you set it in Paris, love seeps through the nooks and crevices, under the doors and engulfs your storyParis Je T’aime (Paris, I Love You) which had eighteen 5-minute arrondissements in Paris demonstrates this aptly especially the last story directed by Alexander Payne of a lonely middle aged American woman who comes to Paris and falls in love with no in particular. Just love, no reciprocation, no acceptance or denial. True love, as found in The Last Time I Saw Paris with Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson, or, Amelie, where a recluse waitress decides to make the lives of people around her wonderful and eventually finds love. Various colors of love in Kieslowski's Three Colours trilogy, all set in Paris liberating oneself from past emotions in Blue, avenging love and getting equal in the black comedy White or finding fraternal love in the most unlikely person in Red. Paris has interpreted and reinterpreted love stories over ages. Possibly the new wave with Truffaut and Goddard brought in grubby realism to the images of the city but Paris has fought back to wrest the crown of the most romantic city on screen.

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