Green Semi Permanent Shelter Solution

Only in 2008 natural disasters, including Cyclone Nagris, Sichuan Earthquake & Hurricane Gustav, affected millions of people, leaving permanent marks to the environment and depriving most of the survivors from their basic human right to proper shelter.
As an alarmed citizen watching human devastation escalating around the globe, I have the desire to make use of all my knowledge, qualities and talents, in order to conceive, design and deliver viable solutions for those in need.

The “P.E.P.” allows me to do just that.

A sustainable, all-weather, semi-permanent shelter solution, designed to accommodate the needs of its inhabitants, for an extended period of time, providing immediate yet efficient migration.

The “P.E.P.” is not a substitute for tents or containers. It is an innovative, semi-permanent residential unit.

An integrated strategy, based on “Guerrilla Architecture” principles, was used during the design phase of “P.E.P.”, to achieve:

Sustainability - low or no emitting materials, maximized energy gains, minimized energy loses Durability - high performance materials & tight building structure
Adaptability & Expandability – modular, easy to assemble, multi room structure
Flexibility – easy add-ons, smart formations etc
Low cost – readily available components

P.E.P. embraces responsible building practices with respect to quality of life by using advanced readily available materials & prefabricated building systems, to ensure the highest quality, precision & performance and create an environmentally sound, semi-permanent shelter solution.
By embracing sustainable solutions in accommodating the housing needs of hundreds of millions of people around the globe, we highly reduce our overall impact on the environment, day by day, making our world a better place for all.


  1. It was about time... humanitarian interest from architects! Good job you guys.

  2. Thank you. It is a new project for us but we really put our heart into it. A green shelter for people in need.

  3. Just stumbled across this and I'm really intrigued by it. What has happened with this project?