Renzo Piano, The Shard at London Bridge, The Latest Skyscraper in Europe

Destined to redefine London’s skyline, The Shard at London Bridge will surely become a recognisable symbol of the capital throughout the world.
Construction of the Shard began this week and by the time of its completion, in early 2012, London will be the host of one of Europe’s tallest buildings and one of the most technologically advanced towers ever built.

Architecturally breathtaking, the concept behind The Shard was designed within seconds in a Berlin restaurant by the renowned architect Renzo Piano, a few years ago.
“The tower is designed to be a sharp and light presence on the London skyline, and to be sustainable from every point of view: human, technological, energetic and economic.” Says Piano and he really means it.

The Shard has many sustainable credentials and is expected to use around 30% less energy than other comparable buildings and will also be a virtually car-free building. Can you imagine that? A 320 meter building with parking space for only 47 cars. Seriously!
Modern offices and efficient, flexible spaces suitable for a range of different working environments, a luxurious Hotel and Resort Group offering only the best in Hospitality, the finest apartments in London, providing an address of unrivalled status and gallery spaces, sky-high bars and restaurants will be available in
The Shard.
And if you think that there is no market for such development projects in Europe, let me inform you that 40% of the building has been let out already, construction day 1!
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