Eco Maps and Architecture

How closely related can these two be? Well, closely enough, according to the latest Trendwatching Report.

Geography is a universally familiar method of organizing, finding and tracking relevant information on objects, events and people, that is till yesterday….

Because today people are using eco maps to help them make decisions on where is the most suitable place, for them, to buy their property.

Is it an eco friendly neighborhood? What is the solar potential of the house? How much will my daily ride to work effect the environment?

These are our favorite Eco Mapmania cases:

Roofray, a Californian startup that aims to give consumers the information they need to install solar panels. The site eventually aims to provide a ‘RoofRaytings’ system that would be available to homebuyers as an indication of solar potential.
Google Maps Transit Layer, which is available for over 50 cities worldwide, overlays public transport lines onto the main map view, allowing the user to easily plan a green(er) journey to their destination.
For more on Eco Mapmania, you can visit www.trendwatching.com

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