Renzo Piano and the new California Academy of Science

The new Academy rises on the same site of the former California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park.The design required the demolition of most of 11 existing buildings, built between 1916 and 1991.
Its primary goal is to provide a modern facilitie for exhibition education conversation and research under one roof according to sustainable design strategies.
Natural ventilation insteed of airconditioning for large parts of the building, carefully chosen building materials, an efficient use and re-use of water, as well as the generation energy, are integral parts of the design.
An open-air observation terrace will enable visitors to get a close-up look at the roof’s lush canopy of plants. The view will encompass the densest concentration of native wildflowers in San Francisco. The expansive vista will also become an ideal location for watching Northern California’s birds, butterflies and insects. Skylights above the larger domes will open and close throughout the day, enabling sunlight to reach the exhibits below. The steep slopes of the rooftop's hills will draw cool air into the open piazza at the center of the building. Weather stations on the roof will monitor wind, rain, and changes in temperature to help inform the automated passive ventilation systems.
Below the earthen mounds is a 4 story re-created rain forest. Motorized porthole windows in the roof provide light and ventilation. A glass lobby and open exhibit rooms offer the sweeping natural views.
Renzo Piano's green roof cuts the building's energy needs by about a third.

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