Wuxi Grand Theatre, PES-Architects, China

When the building design is inspired by a butterfly landing on the edge of a lake, the result can be nothing less than impressive.

Ladies and Gens, I give you the Wuxi Grand Theatre, designed by Finnish firm PES-Architects, as featured in Inhabitat's article: Butterfly-Winged Wuxi Grand.

China's new Wuxi Grand Theatre was inspired by a butterfly landing on the edge of a lake, and it features a series of 8 wing-shaped overhanging roofs to protect it from the sun.
Designed by Finnish firm PES-Architects, the theater rivals the grandeur of the Sydney Opera House. PES-Architects sought to create an ecologically-sound building while paying attention to interior design, landscape design, theatre technology, lighting and acoustic design.
The two-auditorium theatre also takes advantage of programmable LED outdoor lighting, daylighting and innovative bamboo interiors.

Images ©Jussi Tiainen, Pan Weijun and PES-Architects

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