Josep Liinas, Atlantida cultural centre, Barcelona

Its been a while since we last posted a purely European project and we found this project to be the perfect opportunity to do just that.Atlantida is a cultural center, designed by the Catalan architect Josep Llinas, situated in Vic, just 60 km north of Barcelona.The 10.500 m2 of the Atlantida cultural center, feature an 800-seat theatre, a 400-seat auditorium, a music school, 100-seat performance space, a library and a restaurant.
According to the architect in relation to the location, the site is placed between the boundary of the consolidated town and the future expansion areas. The transition from one fabric to the other is articulated by a strip of natural land supported by the Meder River. In the northern edge, the consolidated town is composed by courtyards where the rear fa├žades of row housing look over.
The imposing asymmetrical building which is destined to become a landmark for the city of Vic, opened its doors in April 2010.


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  4. It's incredible, really eye catching building, and detailing its capabilities; terrific.

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