Frank Gehry, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Las Vegas

Frank Gehry’s newest project, the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, in Las Vegas, is a leading research centre for degenerative brain diseases.

The sculptural building cost almost $100 million and consists of two wings connected by an open courtyard.

In the ordinary northern part of the building is a research center and hospital, in the creative south part – the life activity center.

In this project the architect manipulates space and materials to create stunning structures that captivate the imagination and although the two parts of the building differ from each other, they also act like two parts of the whole.

The Gehry teams have created a masterpiece of architectural design, blending strong visual impact with superior efficiency in patient care.

According to WAN, Gehry decided to design the building because he, like founder Larry Ruvo, has been affected by degenerative brain diseases. Ruvo’s father had Alzheimer’s and Gehry’s analyst’s wife had Huntington’s disease.

Therefore, this building is like a tribute to those they lost, and also a beacon of hope for finding treatments or cures for these unfortunate ailments.


  1. OMG that is insane work right there. I can't even fathom how architechs and engineers figured this one out haha. Amazing.

  2. This looks wonderful to me, but I hope no one with early dementia must visit, as it will make them very confused and distressed. Really- it is not at all therapeutic for them to see such a surreal building!

  3. awesome post. gehry's work makes me want to go back to school for architecture. i think you just inspired my next blog post. ill be following

    1. Awful. Horrible thing. Will somebody please make Gehry, Liebeskind et al stop?

  4. Amazing architectural design! its like a waved house. but what does this architecture goes to? and why is this project is related to brain health? its like more on architecture than health.

  5. Mr. Gehry has provided a place to hang Dalli's limp clock..

  6. Interesting architecture blog.

    I find it interesting and a nice way to keep up with current designs.

    Now about this building, I believe that the designs by Frank Gehry are the future of architecture. A fun, expressive form that breaks with our current "straight" design forms.

    The "potato chip" design gives such creative forms that is hard not to be in awe with these designs.

  7. Really loving these shapes but must be so difficult to build. Waves always attract me!!!!

  8. nice photos I like this blog, how can I follow it? please help, sorry new at this.....