MVDRV - Eco City Montecorvo

We religiously read each post from the EcoFriend, especially the ones from the Eco Architecture segment and this week the following post, really cough our attention. Enjoy!The Eco City Montecorvo is a masterplan for a sustainable city by MVDRV envisioned on the two small hills of Montecorvo and La Fonsalalda. The development uses the south facing hills to provide beautiful views of the city and also maximize the use of both passive and active solar energy. The development will provide optimal conditions for solar energy generation using photovoltaic cells. Apart from harnessing solar energy, the development will also incorporate windmills that stand on top of the hills to catch the wind. Combined, the solar and the wind energy generators will have the ability to provide all the energy the 3000 unit housing community needs.Only 10 percent of the site is to be occupied by buildings, which minimizes the impact on the landscape and simultaneously minimizes building costs. Due to the height differences, each apartment takes maximum advantage of the views.The roofs of the lower situated slabs have been made accessible and offer possibilities to create a magnificent public space overlooking the landscape of the La Rioja. By producing all the energy needed on the 56 hectare site from renewable sources, the new neighborhood achieves a CO2-neutral footprint.


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