Nouvel's, Louvre foundations laid, Abu Dhabi

Construction work has started on Jean Nouvel's Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi.The majestic domed building designed by French architect Jean Nouvel is due for completion in 2012. It will span around 26,000 sq ft on Abu Dhabi’s cultural hub, Saadiysat Island, and will cost an estimated €108m.Nouvel has been awarded the 2008 Pritzker Prize, the highest honor for architecture, for his creative experimentation and buildings that speak to their surroundings.
Approaching from the water, the shaded space shows its scattered light, which continues the sparkling light of the water onto the architecture.
“On a more abstract level, the museum is a ‘city’ with houses, streets and plaza’s that is ‘protected’ from the sun by a Buckminster Fuller kind of dome. The cupola becomes the ash that conserves a civilization.
“This development is indeed one-of-a-kind – from design aesthetics to constructions mechanisms – it is a piece of art in the making” said Lee Tabler, chief executive of developer Tourism Development and Investment Company.

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  1. Impressive! It was as if their is rain inside the dome. Great work of art! Check out 3D Rendering