Jodlowa House - Sustainable Architecture

UK-based architects PCKO co-operated with Poland-based MOFO Architects , to design an exquisite, eco-friendly, luxury residence, located on a picturesque plot in the outskirts of Krakow, Poland. Jodlowa House’s, fully glazed facade sits in a contemporary steel frame, which floats above the ground, in a way that it does not only showcase nature, but also minimizes its environmental footprint and preserves the existing natural environment - a large, mature tree that was incorporated as part of the exterior terrace instead of being cut down-. Apart for minimum footprint and maximum enjoyment of nature, Jodlowa House is a fully functional residence with a design that incorporates a covered swimming pool, two main bedrooms, 140sqm of living area and a 5 storey viewing tower. The lower floors of the viewing tower provide additional guest accommodation with a study at the top of the tower which, being fully glazed, offers beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding nature and the Tatra Mountains on the distant horizon.
The windows too help to bring the outdoors in, flooding interiors with natural light and provide unobstructed views of the landscape, while the rustic, textured stone, covered in ivy, used on the tower adds a dramatic contrast to the transparent nature of the rest of the house.

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