Chinatrust Bank Eco Headquarters Breaks Ground

Talking about eco architecture and green design, we recently stumbled upon a great sustainable architecture initiative for Taiwan’s Chinatrust Bank, that has often been referred to as the “Best Bank in Taiwan.”

Designed by NBBJ, a Los Angeles architectural firm along with local Fei & Cheng Associates, the high-profile project, 2.5-million-square-foot headquarters, has broken ground in Taiwan and is estimated to reach completion in 2012.

The Chinatrust Bank development will consist of a 30-story headquarters building, a 21-story commercial office building, a 10-story hotel, and a four-level retail center.

The tower has a series of vertical atriums carved into it creating “centers” or vertical courtyards, like the traditional Chinese house and the building is designed to take advantage of natural site and climate features to optimize the passive heating/cooling design opportunities.

The podium is covered in lush roof gardens, reducing rainwater runoff and urban-heat-island effect. The facades of the office towers will feature the latest in intelligent curtain wall design, optimized for maximum natural daylight through narrow floor plates, with floor-to-ceiling glass and automatic sensors.

All of the above features will dramatically reduce the energy consumption of the overall complex.

Thought this effort Chinatrust is benchmarking with the Taiwanese equivalent of a LEED-NC Gold rating.

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