Harmonia 57 - Green Building Sao Paulo

Now is the time for architects to put their green marks on this planet and establish sustainable living as the new way of doing things.

A great example of how we can accomplish that, one building at a time, is the Harmonia 57, an office building, designed by Triptyque, a French-Brazilian architecture firm.
Harmonia is a building that “breathes, sweats; grows new skin and modifies itself.” in a west side neighborhood, in Sao Paulo. Full of planted “pores” and a complete misting system, Harmonia 57 will soon be covered externally by a green layer that will become the ever-changing skin of the structure.
The building will harvest rainwater to be used and reused to mist the plants growing in the porous organic concrete, through pipelines visible in the exterior walls that embrace the structure like veins and arteries of a body.
The fa├žade of Harnomia 57 is surely a unique addition to Sao Paulo’s SoHo where artistic life and creativity penetrate easily and galleries and walls are mixed up, functioning as a stage for new expression forms.
We are expecting more initiatives like this one, one at a time. It just might be enough!

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