Platform of Arts and Creativity, Pitagoras Arquitectos, Guimaraes

I know, I know, long time no see. 

Well, we are back! So, sit comfortably and enjoy the ride, Future Architecture is back and so are the most exciting new buildings around the world!

I was browsing through the pages of Style of Design, this morning and found this little gem. I was hooked immediately and I am sure you will be too.

Photography is by Joao Morgado.
Shimmering brass walls surround this arts centre that Portuguese firm Pitagoras Arquitectos have just completed in GuimarĂ£es.
Photography is by Joao Morgado.
The new two-storey structure comprises a series of irregularly stacked volumes that extend out from a refurbished row of existing buildings on the edge of an old market square in the city centre.
Photography is by Joao Morgado.

Rows of rectilinear brass pipes give the centre its ridged golden facade, while mirrors clad the underside of cantilevered rooms on the first floor.
Photography is by Joao Morgado.

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