Casa Son Vida, TEC Architecture, Mallorca

Located 15 minutes outside Palma de Mallorca, in an exclusive community called Son Vida, Casa Son Vida is an 800 square meter, luxury villa, marking the arrival of a new architectural approach to the island.

The luxury residence redefines luxury architecture featuring a variety of round and square shapes, futuristic blobs combined with antiques, mixing traditional and modern styles, resulting in a sophisticated futuristic structure.

While Mallorca is undeniably gorgeous, we felt there was a gap in the market,” explains Cosmopolitan president Michael Rimbeck.

“Most real estate on the island is predictable or inevitably Mediterranean. We wanted to offer the increasing number of young, progressive, and adventurous buyers who are attracted to the island a more daring and evocative alternative.”

Casa Son Vida will capture the attention of the international design world with its sophistication and vitality, making Mallorca a new destination for those in search of design exploration and inspiration.

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