UNstudio - Dalian Shide Football Stadium, China

Dutch architects UNStudio have won a closed competition to design a 38,500sq m, 40,000-seat football stadium in China for the most successful club in the Chinese super league: Dalian Shide fc..
Inspired by the design of a classic Chinese football made by layering colored bamboo, the new stadium features a double-layered, lattice-like roof a TV broadcasting center, administration areas, two full-sized training fields,VIP lounge, and facilities for players.
“A key feature of the Dalian stadium is the proximity of the spectators to the pitch, thereby ensuring the best views from the tribunes and creating a true sense of engagement,” said UN Studio founder Ben van Berkel.“As in theatre design, specific views and focal points are required. In the Dalian stadium, we envisioned the playing field as the stage. A two-tier seating system and curved outlines optimise the corners of the tribunes and allow the spectators to be as close as possible to the playing field.” said van Berkel.


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  2. lots of architects around the globe are finding the perfect expression medium in new stadiums! sounds like a plan!

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  4. Its nice to know that things are moving forward in architecture!